10-year-old drowns in Lake Michigan while paddleboarding

On Monday afternoon, a 10-year-old girl died while paddleboarding with her younger sister in Lake Michigan, SUP Magazine reported.

The girl, Hannah Harris, was not wearing a leash or a lifejacket and drowned after falling off her paddleboard, according to SUP Magazine.

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Her father was working on a cottage roof nearby.

It’s the latest in a string of related deaths on Lake Michigan. Including Harris, 41 people have drowned in the lake this year.

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While the water’s temperature were inviting, the conditions weren’t easy.

“The conditions on the lake (were) really pretty rough,” Lt. Craig Mast with the Oceana County Sheriff’s Department said Tuesday. “Between three- and four-foot waves yesterday afternoon. We had a pretty good offshore breeze producing those waves.”

According to SUP Magazine, her younger sister tried to rescue her but was only adding to the struggle and had to swim in for help.

When police arrived, they administered CPR, but it was too late.

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