Dave Kalama and friends SUP surf Mexico and Costa Rica in new film

This story was originally published on SUP magazine.

If you subscribe to the belief that the best things in life are free, then you’ll love this news.

A brand spankin’ new SUP surfing movie just dropped and you don’t want to miss it. Fresh from the studios of award-winning filmmaker Brent Deal (H2Indo, H2Mexico, Chasing Gold), “Conversessions” features 28 minutes of elite SUP surfing, as well as insight into the sport’s biggest stars.

Teaming up with Deal were executive producers Erik Antonson and Erik Logan. Together, they captured candid interviews and SUP surfing footage of standup paddling godfathers Dave Kalama, Colin McPhillips and Dave Boehne.

The conversations range from fatherhood to originality to following your own path and are set to the trio tearing apart lineups from Costa Rica to Mexico. If you’re a fan of the sport, you’ll be a fan of this movie.

The film is presented by our friends at SUP magazine.

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