SUP journey across Atlantic Ocean cut short

After spending one night at sea, French firefighter Nicolas Jarossay had to be rescued because his modified standup paddleboard capsized.

He hoped to become the first person to standup paddle across the Atlantic Ocean.

He began his journey yesterday morning off Porto de Praia, a port town located on the island country of Cape Verde, about 350 miles west of Senegal.

Jarossay’s team announced the rescue this afternoon on his Facebook page. He had to go to the hospital because he was suffering from hypothermia and exhaustion and, has since been released.

The rudder on the standup paddleboard broke and flooded the center of the board.

Atlantic SUP

The standup paddleboard was modified with a small storage and sleeping area.

He spent hours in the ocean without a rudder before eventually using the rescue beacon to send out a distress call.

Jarossay, who is 38 years old, has been preparing for the journey for two years and was attempting the feat without a guide boat.

According to his website, he had stocked up with 176 pounds of freeze-dried food and a water pump to produce fresh drinking water from the ocean.

His modified standup paddleboard is nearly twice the size of a regular board and has a small, airtight area for storage and sleeping.

The journey was supposed to last about two months.

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