How finding nothing in Baja made for a stunning SUP cover shot


The spring 2014 cover of SUP magazine, starring Dave Boehne; photo by Jason Kenworthy

When SUP athlete Dave Boehne paddled out for a sunset session deep in the heart of Baja, Mexico, getting the cover shot was the last thing on his mind. Boehne and photographer Jason Kenworthy were in the midst of shooting a story for the pages of SUP magazine; the waves were small and the team was feeling weary. But Boehne decided to go out anyway, and within moments his easy style in the water, backlit by the late-afternoon sun, combined for a winning photograph.


Boehne in all his cover glory; photo by Jason Kenworthy

"It's like art or music," says SUP magazine editor Joe Carberry of what makes an image cover-worthy. "You can't always say what makes it good, but you know when you see or hear it."

Carberry explains that Baja is the ideal setting for the cover of the magazine's spring 2014 issue (on stands through May) because of its perpetual wildness. "Seems like there's a long tradition of American adventure travelers who've wandered south through Baja for one thing: nothingness," he says. "Most of our photos are about seeking out emptiness, getting away. The art of play. We like it when people can see themselves in a photo, to want to paddle because it's good for them, and they can escape the norm and find their own solace. A lot of people are searching for that."

Hear what Boehne had to say about his cover shot here:

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