Kayaker careens 35 mph down drainage ditch


Ben Marr is pictured running the Lions Bay Slide and plunging into the water at the bottom of the run. Images are video screen grabs

When kayakers are in need of an adrenaline fix, they’ll typically paddle through large rapids or plunge over cascading water falls.

But for Ben Marr and a few of his friends recently in British Columbia, the source of their excitement was a steep drainage ditch called the Lions Bay Slide.

The accompanying video, which was posted to Marr’s Facebook page Monday and through Wednesday afternoon had been shared nearly 1,300 times, reveals two views of the paddler’s 34-mph thrill ride.

One camera was positioned downward and shows the front of Marr’s kayak (fast-forward to the :40 mark to see Marr drop in) as he uses his paddle to try to stay in the narrow strip of very shallow water. Another view shows Marr’s face (1:45) during either the same run or a second run.


The footage also shows two of his friends careening down the ditch toward the collecting bay.

Marr comments at the end of his run that he had reached a top speed of 56 kilometers per hour, or just under 35 mph.

It was hardly a whitewater experience, but there’s no denying that this was rapid transit to the extreme.

-Hat tip to the Unofficial Networks’ Facebook page