Kayaker gets swallowed by a whirlpool

Kayaker gets swallowed by a whirlpool

Kayaker Juanito de Ugarte is about to get swallowed by a whirlpool. Photo is a screen grab from the video

It isn't called Butcher's Knife Rapid for nothing. The menacing whitewater of the Ottawa River might not cut up kayakers, but it proved with professional kayaker Juanito de Ugarte that it can swallow you whole and spit you out.

That's exactly what happened to de Ugarte earlier this month when he was sucked into a massive whirlpool in Butcher's Knife Rapid. It was reported that he was underwater for 10 seconds, but it might have been longer, considering the video, shot by fellow kayaker Devyn Scott, appears to have been slowed down:

Apparently it was a good thing de Ugarte remained in his kayak.

"You don’t want to swim out of your kayak here because you would go very deep and may not pop back up for a long time," EpicTV wrote on the post. "How long can YOU hold your breath?"


According to Travel Ontario, "Rapids on the Ottawa River are created from huge vertical drops and passages forged between its mid-stream islands. And they get big!"

Juanito de Ugarte can no doubt testify to that.

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