Kayaker nearly taken out by surfacing whale in close encounter; video

Two kayakers aiming to find the humpback whale that had been feeding in the waters surrounding Vancouver, British Columbia, were instead found by the whale, which very nearly took out one of the kayakers with its fluke.

Instagram user, Johnny O of Vancouver was filming his friend in an adjoining kayak between Kitsilano and Jericho beaches when suddenly he sensed something was about to happen.

“My heart started racing when I saw small fish swimming to the surface in a frenzy,” he wrote on Instagram under his @johnnyvanuck handle. “I knew it was close.”

As you can see above, it was real close. The whale’s blowhole exhale clearly startled the kayakers, one of whom reacted with an immediate “oh my God.”

The other kayaker appeared to be on his mobile phone when the whale surfaced and headed right for him.

There were a couple of tense moments before the whale dove under the kayaks and disappeared without incident, as reported by Vancouver Metro and the Vancouver Sun.

“I almost dropped my phone,” the kayaker who nearly got taken out said on the video, with a bit of nervous laughter.

Of course, they can laugh about it now.

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