Kayaker sends towering 70-foot waterfall on an inflatable pool toy; video

In the paddle sports world, sending it over waterfalls is an incredibly technical (and dangerous) feat, and watching a professional do so skillfully is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

But to charge over a massive waterfall on, say, an inflatable pool toy? In a video released Thursday by Red Bull, kayaking star Rafael Ortiz shows that with the right mixture of bravery and ingenuity, it can be done.

The above video shows the 29-year-old Mexican kayaker sending the 70-foot Outlet Falls in Washington state armed with only an inflatable lobster pool toy.

“What I really want to accomplish in life is dropping massive waterfalls on inflatable pool toys,” Ortiz jokingly says in the video. “Outlet Falls is a 70-foot waterfall that has never been done before in a pool toy, and for me it’s like, that’s the natural progression of the sport. It’s just human nature and I want to be part of the evolution.”

Rafa Ortiz kayaking waterfalls

While Ortiz laughed about his feat, he admitted to Red Bull it wasn’t the easiest task. Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Rogosin/Red Bull

Though Ortiz’s comments were clearly tongue-in-cheek, he did admit to Red Bull that it was a pretty hairy stunt.

“It wasn't the most ideal waterfall for a lobster,” Ortiz said. “It has a rapid coming into it and that was the hardest thing — figuring out how to run the waterfall and the rapid. So I just found a rock and jumped really close to the lip.”

Rafa Ortiz kayaking waterfalls

Ortiz told Red Bull he’s ready to bring his inflatable lobster to more waterfalls. Photo: Courtesy of Aaron Rogosin/Red Bull

But despite how heavy the fall looked, Ortiz insisted to Red Bull that his landing was actually pretty soft. And, he said, he is looking forward to continuing to run more waterfalls with pool toys.

“A crocodile would work well,” Ortiz joked. “A whale would too, but you wouldn't have much stability. But I’m pretty attached to my lobster. It’s all about finding a new challenge and scouting a new waterfall for the lobster. Sky’s the limit.”

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