Giant blue marlin landed off Trinidad and Tobago


A 1,006-pound blue marlin was caught Sunday off Trinidad and Tobago, setting a record for the largest fish caught during a tournament in the Caribbean republic--and earning the team of anglers an expensive new car.


Brendan Bernard poses with marlin catch here (at left, in white shirt) and top image. Photos by Della De Silva

The previous record off Tobago was an 890-pound blue marlin, according to the Trinidad Express. That fish was caught by a 15-year-old.

Marlin weighing 1,000 pounds or more--often referred to as “granders”--are rare anywhere in the world.

The billfish reeled in by Brendan Bernard (pictured, top and right), aboard the yacht Predator during the Tobago International Game Fishing Tournament, weighed 1005.9 pounds.

Besides whatever other prizes the team won for bringing in the biggest marlin, according to the Guardian the team claimed a Mercedes Benz B-Class car for bringing in a fish topping 1,000 pounds.

Critics are likely to attack the anglers for killing such a large and majestic billfish, and Mercedes-Benz for its involvement.

But it’s doubtful that anyone involved with the tournament expected a grander to be caught, since this is the first grander caught since the annual competition was first held in 1995.

And it’s worth noting that the tournament has a catch-and-release element and a minimum-weight requirement for killing fish in each species category.

The competition boasted a lineup of 41 teams in the local division and 18 teams in the international division.

For the sake of comparison, the International Game Fish Association lists a 1,402-pound Atlantic blue marlin as the all-tackle world record. That fish was caught off Brazil in 1992.

Below is a CNC3 news video on the Tobago catch: