Not your typical wakeboarding destination


Cutun Martin wakeboarding through an ice tunnel in Patagonia; photo by Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool

Lake Argentino in southern Patagonia is fed by melting glaciers, so you know the water has to be ice cold. Yet that didn't stop four professional wakeboarders from making the glacial lake and its icebergs their own personal playground.

A couple weeks ago, Floridians Parks Bonifay and Adam Errington joined Argentinian wakeboarders Cutun Marin and Tomas Karagozian on Argentina's largest freshwater lake to take wakeboarding to a new level--while wearing drysuits, we should add.

Icebergs from the Upsala Glacier created natural ramps on which the wakeboarders could launch from or simply slide across. They started doing tricks off small, simple ice blocks and graduated to more challenging obstacles as their confidence grew.

"The tricks also quickly became more sophisticated, with Parks laying out a huge 360 off a 45-foot iceberg and his compatriot Adam Errington stepping up to the plate with a beautiful Switch Tail Press Backside 180," Red Bull wrote. Watch the stunning video that resulted:

Bonifay, 32, a well-known wakeboarder who was the first to land a 1080, and who won X Games gold at age 14, didn't take to the water without investigating the icy obstacles his group would be encountering.

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"I studied the behavior of the icebergs carefully before coming to Patagonia, and it was pretty clear that they are dangerous because they can break or rotate at any moment," Bonifay told Red Bull. "They are huge and uncontrollable. But this incredible place makes you try to leave your fears behind and enjoy this amazing experience with your board."


Cutun Martin giving an iceberg a high-five while wakeboarding; photo by Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool

The adventure went off without incident, and the end result was not only the wakeboarding video above but several incredible photos capturing the moments with the spectacular scenery as the backdrop.

Red Bull summarized it this way: "It soon became clear that what mattered most was not doing the best trick but being creative and taking the sport of wakeboarding to the next level in an environment as beautiful and unique as it is inhospitable and uncontrollable."

Lake Argentino, located within the Los Glaciares National Park, is known as a tourist destination. Fishing is a popular activity on the lake. Who would have guessed wakeboarding could be another?


Cutun Martin slides on an iceberg while wakeboarding; photo by Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool


A glacier become a beautiful backdrop to wakeboarder Cutun Martin; photo by Luis Vidales/Red Bull Content Pool


Parks Bonifay goes for a grab while wakeboarding despite cumbersome drysuit; photo by Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool


Park Bonifay looking like a snowboarder while wakeboarding; photo by Gustavo Cherro/Red Bull Content Pool


Adam Errington does a flip off an iceberg while wakeboarding; photo from Red Bull Content Pool

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