Why it’s time to up your game and get a kayak motor

Anytime a new innovation comes along, there will always be a subset of late adopters and dissenters who cling to nostalgia and claim that the ways of the past are better. And while some nostalgia is cool (vinyl records), too much is bad (JNCO jeans).

It’s with this in mind that KAYAK FISH magazine proposes that you consider upgrading your paddling game and getting a kayak motor.

In the above video, KAYAK FISH editor Jerry McBride shows off all the capabilities of a kayak when it is combined with a drop-in motor. As McBride shows, the drop-in motor offers a ton of utility without taking up too much space, and allows for you to bring a new dimension to your kayaking adventure.

Will adding a drop-in motor to your current kayak ever replace the pure enjoyment of paddling your way through glassy water? Probably not. But a willingness to adapt to new technology could take your next kayak fishing adventure up to another level.

For more tips and how-to guides for your next kayak fishing expedition, head over to KAYAK FISH.

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