A 5.6 underwater earthquake impacts group of scuba divers; video

A group of scuba divers performing technical diving training off the Philippines on Saturday were impacted by an underwater earthquake measuring 5.6 on the Richter Scale.

Jan Paul Rodriguez, who lives in Quezon City in the Philippines, captured underwater video of the sea bottom trembling beneath them, along with a rising cloud of sand created by the earthquake that struck near the Mabini town in the Batangas province:

The divers were in 59 feet of water and had planned to go as deep as 138 feet on the 20-minute exercise, but it was cut short by the underwater earthquake.

"It felt like there was a huge propeller of a big boat turning around directly above us," Rodriguez told Newsflare. "We heard underwater the trembling of rocks under the ground and we felt the shock wave; it hurt our ears.

“The sea bed pumped up and down immediately followed by a strong shaking of the ground and the small rocks falling."

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As it turned out, there were two earthquakes. The 5.6 quake was followed shortly thereafter by a 6.0 quake, according to The Telegraph.

There were small cracks in buildings, blocked roads because of landslides, and a collapsed house, but nobody was hurt. Hundreds of villagers fled to higher ground fearing a tsunami, despite no threat of one.

As for the scuba divers, the dive leader immediately aborted the dive, apparently before the second quake.