75 fish mysteriously appear in Scottish man’s garden; video

A mystery greeted a Scottish man Thursday morning when he went outside to his back garden of his home in the coastal town of Banff in Aberdeenshire and discovered 75 small fish scattered about.

As reported by The Press and Journal, Kevin Bain shot video of the small fish believed to be sand eels.

Bain, who lives a third of a mile from the North Sea, at first thought perhaps a bird had dropped them.

"But there were far too many," Bain told BBC Scotland.

"It has been stormy for the past few nights, so it's possible that a waterspout has lifted the fish from the sea during the bad weather.

"It's a really strange phenomenon."

Stranger still considering sand eels are known to burrow in the sand to escape predators, and waterspouts with strong winds are known to pick up anything within a yard of the surface, including fish, frogs and turtles.

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From Wikipedia:

A waterspout can sometimes suck small animals such as fish out of the water and all the way up into the cloud. Even if the waterspout stops spinning, the fish in the cloud can be carried over land, buffeted up and down and around with the cloud's winds until its currents no longer keep the flying fish in the atmosphere. Depending on how far they travel and how high they are taken into the atmosphere, the fish are sometimes dead by the time they rain down. People as far as 100 miles inland have experienced raining fish.

So it appears that Bain pretty much solved his own mystery.

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