A fish terrorizes anglers as it leaps over their boat (video)

Two fishermen and the skipper of a fishing boat found themselves the target of an incoming missile in the form of a rather large Spanish mackerel last week. They were trolling the waters of Bligh Reef in the Coral Sea off the northern tip of Queensland, Australia, when this happened:

“You don’t see this very often,” Nomad Sportfishing Adventures said on its Facebook page.

The Spanish mackerel hit a trolled jig as hard as a fish can hit a jig and catapulted over the boat, nearly knocking the ducking skipper into the water before returning to the water. The fish bit through the leader, so it was free to terrorize other anglers.

Apparently, it wasted little time doing just that.

Wrote Sean on Nomad’s Facebook page under the above video: “I wish we had of got the [Spanish mackerel] the next day on video that actually landed in the boat; that was something I think no one in the boat will ever forget, especially Johnny Flare […] It was coming right for him.”