Adventurous boy saves the day, finds woman’s $4,000 wedding ring beneath Michigan waterfall


Caden Gersky with $4,000 wedding ring. Credit via Facebook

Thanks to the power of social media and the adventurous spirit of a 12-year-old boy, a woman has reclaimed a $4,000 wedding ring that she had lost hope of finding.

LeLonnie Alexander was vacationing at Lake Huron in northern Michigan when she slipped in the water and her ring flew from her finger as she waved her hands. It ended up somewhere beneath the turbulent Ocqueoc Falls.

She phoned the police and notified the campground. Then, in an act of desperation, she posted her story on Facebook.


This, apparently, caught the eye of Caden Gersky, in Nashville, Tennessee.

His family had planned to visit the same waterfall a few days later, so he devised a plan: bring goggles and snorkel, and locate the treasure.

And to the surprise of just about everyone but Gersky, he found the ring. His family contacted Alexander and they arranged a meeting.

“I go, ‘you’re kidding me. Oh my God no, you’re kidding me,'” Alexander told WNEM. “I get goose bumps because that little boy deserves every bit of praise that he can get.”

She’s quoted by WCRZ as saying, “My husband and I have been together all our life and [the ring] means eternity to me.”

She gave Caden a $200 reward and has the accompanying image, showing Caden with her ring, as her Facebook profile photo.

One of the comments reads: “Is that the kid who found your ring? He is a very fine person if he is the one.”

Alexander also announced that she’s going to take whatever steps necessary to make sure the ring stays on her finger.

“This baby’s getting insured and resized,” she said.

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