African lion tantalized by toddler in zebra clothing at Oregon Zoo

The toddler looks like a tiny zebra in his black-and-white striped sweatshirt: a tasty snack for a hungry and powerful lioness. But alas, for the mighty predator, the Oregon Zoo glass is in the way; the child is safe and the parents are laughing, though uneasily, as they videotape an event they’re likely to cherish for years. (See Good Morning America segment below, and raw clip at the bottom of this post.)

The kid is named Jack, who is 13 months old, and this was his first trip to the zoo, said his mother, Heather Baltzor.

She told that she was not concerned for Jack’s safety and even tried to encourage him to say, “Hi kitty, kitty,” to the African lion.

Baltzor was asked via email if she had dressed Jack in black-and-white clothing intentionally. Her response: “We definitely did not even notice his zebra-esque attire until the next day when someone commented on Facebook. It seems the animals did though! It was a really fun day and Jack’s first trip to the zoo.”

Zoo director Kim Smith acknowledged receiving emails from people who were concerned about the incident, but added that Kya was exhibiting “typical prey behavior” and that Jack was not in danger. View raw clip below:

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