An outdoor wedding to remember as entire party plunges into lake

Outdoor weddings can be really nice, and a lake setting … even better. However, as one wedding party discovered Saturday, having all of the participants venture out onto a rickety old dock for a group photo is a recipe for, well, watch the video:

This amusing but obviously embarrassing episode occurred at Gun Lake in Grand Rapids, Mich., after a ceremony uniting Eric and Maegan Walber.

“We were out there for probably 30 seconds, standing on the dock, and it started to lean and tilt,” Eric Walber told Wood TV. “We went right under.”

The drenching hardly dampened anyone’s spirits, though. As Walber said, “Everyone was laughing. It was one of those things that just happens and you roll with it.”

Nobody was injured and, viewers might notice, only the bride went completely under.

“I came up laughing,” Maegan said. “I was like, ‘Oh, man, I can’t believe that actually just happened.’ “

Diners at a nearby restaurant issued a standing ovation as the wedding participants stood and began to emerge from the water.

“It makes for a good story,” Maegan acknowledged. “We’ll be telling our grandkids.”

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