Angry bull launches rodeo clown into stands


Angry bull launches rodeo clown into stands. Photo is a video screen grab

A woman who entered a bull ring during the recent Zapota festival in Costa Rica discovered the hard way that doing so while wearing a bright-orange shirt will only anger the beasts.

The accompanying footage shows the woman, named Angie, futilely trying to outrun an 1,100-pound bull named “El Cincuenta,” and ultimately being launched over the railing and into the stands. (The incident is shown repeatedly but the woman can be seen standing and smiling, before she is interviewed in Spanish, at the 2:00 mark.)

Remarkably, it was a smooth launch and Angie’s landing appears to have been softened by a person wearing green. She walked away “unscathed by the incident,” according to the Tico Times, and implied that she was glad to have been delivered out of harm’s way.

Angie was one of several improvisados, or improvised rodeo clowns, who have long been part of this festival. Hundreds line up for a chance to enter the ring and taunt the bull.

It’s not surprising, therefore, that improvisados are sometimes injured by the tormented beasts. This year 18 people required hospitalization, the Tico Times reports.

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