Announcer makes hilarious call on impromptu deer race

When an impromptu race materialized in the backstretch of Meadows Racetrack in western Pennsylvania, veteran track announcer Roger Huston did what he normally does: He started calling the race. Only the race didn’t involve horses. Between races, three deer snuck onto the track and looked at times as if they were racing. Huston hilariously made the call:

“As they race down the track, Bambi has the lead,” Huston announced. “Here comes Rudolph on the outside.”

When the deer ran down the backstretch, Huston told the crowd the deer were heading for the paddock, apparently with an equipment problem. Then they abruptly “put on the brakes” and turned around, taking off in the opposite direction, to which another announcer quipped: “It’s hunting season.”

Huston told KDKA-TV of Pittsburgh that with live TV, he “just thought of every single line I could think of.”

“It’s funny, when you’re trying to think of stuff,” Huston continued. “The only two deer I could think of were Rudolph and Bambi. I forgot Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, and all those others.”

It was a good call, nonetheless.

Oh, and the winner of the race? Huston said that’d be Bambi. No word about what it paid, though.