Art of winter free running combines ice, snow and acrobatic flips

Free runner Ronnie Shalvis flips over a snowplow, off a wall and over a handrail. He completes a series of backflips and forward flips, jumping off roofs and parking structures. He even does a forward flip over a wall into a pair of ice skates (nice effect) and onto an ice rink, where he does more flips. From the departments of “cool” and “winter free running” comes this video by Shalvis in Salt Lake City. By the number of YouTube views in just a few days (136K at this writing), people are definitely digging it. Take a look:

Free running evolved from parkour, which loosely defined is the art of moving from one place to another while negotiating obstacles in between. Free running includes gymnastic and acrobatic moves. And when you add snow, ice, and a pair of ice skates, you come up with winter free running, or what Shalvis also called ice parkour, which was performed at the Gallivan Center in Salt Lake.

Shalvis added a caveat to those wishing to give this a try:

“It can be a very dangerous working in winter weather, so make sure if you do it yourself you play it really safe, and just have fun with it,” he says at the end of the video, where you also see an outtake of him falling on a flip over an obstacle on the ice. Ouch.