Asian silver carp are now terrorizing boaters in South Dakota (video)

The invasion of Asian silver carp continues to expand in the U.S. with South Dakota becoming the latest state to be terrorized by the fish that like to jump into boats and cause damage to equipment and body parts.

Today, South Dakota‘s population of silver carp is out of control, just as it is in parts of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers. KELOLAND TV News in Sioux Falls, S.D., offers details in this remarkable video report that shows how inescapable boaters are from their wrath. In fact, one silver carp jumps straight into a fisherman’s bucket on the James River:

They are a funny breed, this silver carp, which are said to be easily frightened by the sounds of boats and personal watercraft, causing them to jump 8-10 feet out of the water, and oftentimes into boats, like in the above video.

Sightings of silver carp in South Dakota were once quite small in number, but their population is “increasing exponentially.”

“Now it’s an everyday thing, to see tens or dozens or hundreds of these fish,” South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks Department biologist Sam Stukel told KELOLAND TV News.

“We may not see a major effect to our game fish and other species, or it could be a complete disaster as these Asian carp increase [in number].”

The potential negative impact is why Congress reportedly passed the Stop Invasive Species Act last week in an effort to formulate a plan to prevent Asian carp from reaching the Great Lakes.

The way these silver carp are multiplying and traveling the waterways of the U.S., though, one wonders whether they really can be stopped.

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