Baby elephant’s dramatic rescue from well captured on video

Animal conservationists in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park recently released a heartwarming video of an 8-week-old African elephant calf being rescued from a well.

The moment of rescue is at about the 4:00-minute mark of the video.

The conservationists, who identify themselves as the Amboseli Trust for Elephants in their YouTube clip, first scare the calf’s agitated mother away. Then, they tie a rope to their jeep and attempt to get it under the calf’s rump while it struggles frantically.

“We’ve got the rope on the bumper,” the narrator is heard saying in the above clip, which was posted late last week. “We just need to get it under her bum. And I’ve turned the engine off because her mum is on the other side, so she’s calling that way. … Come on, sweetheart.”

The ploy is successful, and after the baby escapes from the well it sprints to her mother.

The Trust for Elephants wrote the following about the rescue: “We rescued this young eight-month-old calf early this week. Luckily the report came in early in the morning and we were able to get there quick before the mother was forced to leave by herders arriving to water their cattle. It was a happy ending as we were able to reunite the calf with her mother, Zombe.”

The Amboseli National Park is famous for being one of the best spots in Africa to view elephants in their natural habitat. People also travel there to visit with the Maasai people and because the park’s scant vegetation makes it easy to view all sorts of other animals.

Hopefully the longstanding maxim “an elephant never forgets” will hold true in this instance, and the baby and its mother will stay far away from the well.