Bald eagle catches fish in mid-air after attacking osprey (video)

The most incredible thing unfolded while a placekicker was attempting a field goal at a kicking camp in Florida: A bald eagle attacked an osprey in mid-air and steals the fish it had been carrying. Watch the amazing footage, which includes a close-up of the encounter:

As you can see, the bald eagle dislodges the fish from the grasp of the osprey, then swoops down to catch the fish before it hits the ground. One might call it the animal kingdom’s version of the Immaculate Reception. Incredible. By the reactions of the players who witnessed the attack and catch, they thought it was incredible, too.

The scene was caught on film as a player was kicking a field goal at a Kohl’s Football Kicking Camp at the Admiral Farragut Academy in St. Petersburg.

It’s common behavior among birds of prey, so those thinking this video might be fake are mistaken. Bret Culbertson of Kohl’s Kicking Camp emailed to confirm its legitimacy, saying “it is authentic” and “nature at it’s best!” He magnified the original shot by about 300 percent “so we could actually see what was going on.”

Parents at the camp said the eagle had stolen the fish from the osprey’s nest somewhere in or near the stadium and the osprey had somehow gotten it back before the bald eagle’s attack you see in the video, according to Culbertson.

In the end, it looks like the bald eagle won.

And the field goal was good.