Barefoot water skier dazzles with a breakdance

Michael Temby has been waterskiing since 1962 and been a professional for nearly 30 years, so he's pretty comfortable on the water getting pulled behind a boat. So comfortable, in fact, that he can water ski on his hands while holding on to the rope with this feet. He can also ski backward on one foot while holding on to the rope with his other foot. Heck, he can even breakdance while water skiing barefoot. Watch the dazzling display by trick water skier Temby near his home in Discovery Bay on the California Delta and be amazed:

Temby, a three-time Western U.S. Trick Champion and two-time Western U.S. Wake Slalom Champion, holds the current world record for tandem barefoot speeding skiing at 99.22 mph in the quarter-mile with Scott Pellaton, so he has quite a bite of experience doing this sort of thing.

What’s next?

One commenter on the YouTube video had the answer: “Prepare for a new trend in Barefoot Water Ski Twerking.”

Spare us, Michael. Please.