Beach turns chaotic when struck by mini-tornado; video

A mini-tornado sent beachgoers scrambling to retrieve items that were sent flying high into the sky Wednesday, creating chaos on a French Riviera beach.

Local resident Virginie Segal was across the street from Salis beach in Antibes, France, and captured footage of the mayhem as all types of inflatables, beach toys, umbrellas and beach towels became airborne.

The Telegraph described it as "a spectacular display of color and confusion."

"I was taking a shower when an inflatable flamingo flew past me," a witness told the local newspaper, Nice Matin, according to The Telegraph. "It wasn't until later that I realized it belonged to my daughter."

Besides the flamingo, there were inner tubes, a green turtle, rafts and other inflatables among the items swirling around during the 20 seconds of madness, which was said to have "frightened children and baffled adults."

"It's super dangerous—this is a tornado," one person in the video can be heard saying in French. "But it's so pretty…And look at the parasols in the sky!"

The mini-tornado was actually a dust devil. Nobody was harmed during the 20 seconds of mayhem.

The mini-tornado was actually a dust devil, which is typically visible by the dust and debris it swirls upward. In this case, you can see the sand swirling and definitely can see the debris.

One person was hit in the head by some of that debris but was unharmed. No injuries were reported, only frayed nerves.

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