Bear cub discovered in produce bin of crowded grocery store (video)

A cleanup in the produce aisle was definitely required after a bear cub was discovered milling among the veggies at a grocery store recently in Ketchikan, Alaska. The incident at Tatsuda’s IGA was captured on video by assistant store manager Joe Stollar. The footage is shaky but eventually reveals a very small cub wandering amid the broccoli, carrots, onions and other produce before awed onlookers and two policemen who were called to the scene.

This happened Saturday evening and Stollar uploaded the video Monday. In a phone interview he said the entire episode lasted eight minutes, from the time the bear wandered into the store at 5:45 p.m., via its automatic doors, to the time it was picked up by a customer and placed outside in the hope that it would find its mama.

The store is near wilderness and as of late Tuesday the cub had not been seen again, Stollar said, which is a positive sign.

Stollar explained that he was shaky with his camera because when a clerk announced on the loud speaker that there was a bear in the produce aisle, he wandered over thinking the clerk had said “bird” instead of bear.

He said the cub, which can be heard crying after being picked up, did not appear to be hungry and was merely looking for a place to hide from all the people.