BentProp details mission in GoPro video


World War II fighter plane found by BentProp Project off Palau by using newest technology. Photo is a screen grab from the video

In 1993, Dr. Pat Scannon and his wife were touring one of the islands of Palau in the South Pacific when they came across a 65-foot wing of a World War II fighter plane. "That wing essentially changed my life," Scannon said.

"I just felt a loss," he continued. "Nobody knew what happened to the crew. Somewhere there was more to that plane and more to the story. If nobody knows anything about what happened, I was going to find out."

And so he did. In 2000, after many searches on his own, Scannon teamed with Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego and the University of Delaware and created the BentProp Project, made up of volunteers who search for and help repatriate missing World War II airmen off Palau.

"Palau: Searching for Heroes" is the poignant story about the BentProp Project, detailing how they search for missing airmen with new technology. The GoPro video, released a few days ago, is well worth the time to watch:

The BentProp Project lists 17 past and present expeditions in great detail on its website.

"My family and I are incredibly lucky to be the benefactor of his [Dr. Scannon] efforts and his generosity," Casey Doyle said in the BentProp video.

Jimmie Doyle, an airman who was lost in September 1944, was found in 2004 by the BentProp Project. Jimmie was Casey's grandfather.

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