Bike thieves overlook rider’s GoPro camera, get busted

bike thieves

Bike thieves, one of whom brandished a gun, overlooked the GoPro camera the mountain bike rider was wearing, and it was used to catch them. Screen grab from video

Malcolm Fox was nearing the end of his mountain bike ride when a man ran up, stopping him in his tracks at gunpoint. Fox quickly did what the gunman said. He turned over his bike, cell phone, car keys, and Oakleys as two accomplices came to aid in the robbery.

One critical item the bike thieves didn't take was Fox's GoPro camera, attached to his helmet. For the robbers, this was a huge and regrettable mistake.

The camera filmed the entire incident and was used to apprehend the bike thieves, according to The Citizen of South Africa.

Watch the incident, which unfolded at Sir Lowry's Pass in Somerset West in the Western Cape of South Africa:

The incident occurred on Saturday. With the aid of the GoPro footage, police arrested two suspects on Sunday and seized a Luger firearm. The third suspect was arrested on Monday, the day Fox posted his video.

"Fortunately they did not have a clue what a GOPRO was and this is the evidence that will assist in their prosecution!" Fox wrote on his YouTube post under the name Lucky Jakkals.

The stolen cell phone was recovered, but the mountain bike was still unaccounted for and The Citizen didn't mention the other items.

The suspects made a court appearance Tuesday and will remain in custody until their next court appearance later this month.

Wrote one commenter on the YouTube post, "I can just imagine the face of the gunman when he sees that this has gone viral. Justice shall be served!"

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bike thieves

Bike thieves overlooked the GoPro camera the mountain biker was wearing, though the gunman appeared to be looking right at it. Screen grab from video

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