Brian Gillespie’s 180-mph rollover crash is captured on video

Photo of Brian Gillespie crash is a video screen grab

Photo of Brian Gillespie crash is a video screen grab

It may be some time before Brian Gillespie participates in another speed trial in the California desert.

The accompanying footage, showing a spectacular rollover crash that occurred at a speed of 180 mph, leaves one to wonder how Gillespie could have suffered only a collapsed lung and cuts and bruises.

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The accident occurred during a speed trial event at El Mirage lakebed, east of Lancaster, on November 10. The video footage was not released until November 18, after Gillespie had been released from the hospital.

As reported Thursday by NBC, and as viewers can see, Gillespie’s modified Honda Hondata Insight was reduced to its protective roll cage during a violent series of rolls across the dry lakebed.

Gillespie, who had previously broken the 200-mph barrier at El Mirage, was hospitalized for five days, according to the Southern California Timing Association.

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