Canoeing father, daughter experience amazingly close whale encounter

How would you react if two gigantic whales approached very closely as you sat still in a canoe? The girl in the accompanying video reacted, understandably, with the comment: “O…M…G!,” and later sounded out the entire sentiment: “Oh … my … God!” Her nervousness is hardly surprising, as during this incredibly close encounter the father and daughter watched in awe as the hulking cetaceans swam to within arm’s reach, and bobbed and rolled over while seemingly watching the boaters in a curious manner. (Warning: Footage contains some brief profanity.)

This episode played out off Queensland, Australia, near Fraser Island. Humpback whales, which can measure to about 50 feet and weigh up to 40 tons, are famously curious toward boaters and have been known to approach and even nudge large passenger vessels. But to witness this spectacle from so small a boat must be both awe-inspiring, and somewhat unnerving.

–Video is via Live Leak

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