Cat pulls off skateboarding trick after owner ‘falls’

Robert Dollwet from the Gold Coast of Australia was attempting to videotape a skateboarding trick from a couple of angles when the cat he rescued stepped in and completed a trick of its own after he fell. Commenters claim Dollwet faked the fall—a likely scenario; he is an animal trainer, after all–but even if he did, the cat goes on to perform an admirable trick. Watch Didga in action:

The trick called the ollie calls for a skateboarder to make a jump with the skateboard and without using any hands. It's an impossible trick for a cat, so Didga, filling in for its fallen owner, simply jumped from the skateboard over the hurdle and back onto the skateboard—probably just as planned.

"Nice fake fall…Still, pretty epic," one commenter wrote on the YouTube post.

"My 'fake' bruised butt thanks you!" Dollwet responded.