Crocodile leaps toward swimmer in surprisingly swift attack

Unless he enjoys pushing his luck, Felix Andersson will never again swim up to a crocodile while it’s sunning on a rocky shore. The accompanying footage, captured in Litchfield National Park outside of Darwin, Australia, shows a fairly large croc scrambling over and leaping toward Andersson in a surprisingly swift attack. Judging from the laughter, Andersson was not hurt, even through the reptile was said to have landed on his shoulder.

Hopefully, Andersson and his companions, Ulrik Bergsland and Jakob Hellberg, realize how fortunate they are that this stunt did not result in serious injury, or worse. They seem to because Andersson told BBC News that he agreed this was an irresponsible stunt and that, “We just got caught up in the moment.”

Note: The video has been shortened from its original length. Click here to view the full-length version.