Crocodile sightings in British Columbia prompt calls to police

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police in British Columbia received several unusual reports from people who claimed to see a crocodile swimming in a marsh off Highway 17 in Surrey, southeast of Vancouver.

Despite the fact crocodiles live thousands of miles away in Florida and Mexico, the RCMP was prompted to check it out because it "is causing a bit of a traffic hazard on the highway" with all the motorists stopping to have a look.

The investigation didn't take long. The police determined it was a crock.

"It appears to be a broken off piece of a commercial truck tire or possibly a large piece of plastic," Cpl. Scotty Schumann told CBC News. "Crocodiles and alligators are certainly not the normal type of creatures we'd find in the Pacific Northwest.

"It's kind of comical when you do look at it."

The consensus seemed to be a commercial truck tire.

In certain regions, broken tires with an uncanny resemblance to large reptiles are known as "road alligators," according to the National Post.

But was this just an old, broken tire floating in the marsh?

Someone responding to the Surrey RCMP tweet about it didn't think so. The commenter wrote, "Believe it or not, it's actually a fake floating croc someone placed there a few months back. It's a pretty good knock-off though."

Good call. That is probably much closer to the truth.

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