Daredevil climbs tall tower, walks across chasm


Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu in front of the 918.6-foot chimney tower he climbed without safety equipment. Photo from Cernescu’s Facebook page

A Romanian daredevil with no fear of heights and with the balance of a tightrope walker took on the challenge of climbing the second-tallest structure in Romania and added a dangerous walk across a crane railing at the top, all without safety equipment.

Flaviu Cernescu

Daredevil Flaviu Cernescu uses electrical cables to start his climb. Photo is screen grab from ActionCamera’s Facebook video

Earlier this month, Flaviu Cernescu, 32, climbed the 918.6-foot chimney tower in the industrial area of Pitesti, Romania--no easy task considering the tower is in disrepair.

For the first 65 feet, Cernescu climbed by using electrical cables before continuing on via a ladder that didn't look very reliable, especially at the very top where it is very rusty and wasn't attached to the chimney.

Cernescu told Barcroft TV that the top of the ladder was "unstable and freaky to climb on," adding, "I had to hold my breath and crawl vertically on it like a reptile."

Cernescu's five-minute version of his 40-minute climb below is breathtaking in itself. First, though, here is Barcroft TV's video report about the risky climb by the daredevil:

"Walking the crane railing at the very top was really intense, but I felt good and in control," Cernescu told Barcroft. "The chimney is as tall as an 80-90 story skyscraper and the depth is the same either way at the top, inside or outside. The wind was a little strong and chilly but still manageable."

Someone on Cernescu's Facebook pointed out that he wasn't the first to climb the chimney tower since three guys climbed it four years ago, to which Cernescu replied: "I know, I know. I have not said that I am the first. :)"

The Romanian daredevil might be the first to videotape the feat, however. Here's his video:

Cernescu, a high-liner, unicycle rider and juggler, quit his office job last year to pursue extreme climbing full time, which might sound crazy to you but not to him.

"People will always think what I do is crazy, and I understand their point," he told Barcroft. "But I would never do some of the things others do, so it’s all compensated in the universe.

"My message is to inspire people to take on their dreams step by step. The goal is not to imitate or outdo somebody but to do what you love and love what you do."

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