Daredevil enjoys ‘reality of human flight’ in stunning video

Many have longed to soar across the heavens on their own terms, but only a brave and adventurous few have succeeded, and perhaps none as masterfully as Alexander Polli. Footage posted below–and going viral on the Web–shows Polli gliding amid stunning landscapes in New Zealand, Switzerland, and Norway, while wearing a wingsuit and tracking gear. This type of activity clearly is only for those who train extensively, and even then it’s extremely dangerous. The video is nearly five minutes long but viewers ought to stay at least through the 1:40 mark, when Polli soars through a cascading waterfall.

Polli, a professional skydiver and wingsuit pilot, is flying in two types of gear. One is a wingsuit, while the other (in some footage after 1:40) is a tracking suit, which essentially is a jacket and pants that inflate with more air as a person gains speed. Both are dangerous, but the tracking suit allows virtually no margin for error because there are no wings with which to pull out of troublesome situations.

On Polli’s Facebook page is a statement about his philosophy on life: “Live with intention. Walk to the edge. Listen hard. Practice wellness. Play with abandon. Laugh. Choose to live with no regret.”

The video is titled, rather appropriately, “Reality of Human Flight.”