Daredevil kite surfer jumps Florida pier during Tropical Storm Debby

While most residents of northern Florida dreaded the arrival of Tropical Storm Debby, a St. Petersburg-area kite surfer saw the blustery disturbance as an opportunity to jump the local pier — and the incredible feat was captured on videotape (pay special attention to the :58 mark).

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Jay Gartner, who filmed the episode from a considerable distance, stated in the YouTube post that the kite surfer actually jumped the pier twice, but Gartner was only able to videotape the second jump.

Kite surfers often are able to attain great heights, but to leap a towering immovable object such as a pier poses great risk and is certainly not advisable, regardless of weather conditions and skill level.

In the video, however, the unnamed kite surfer seemed to know what he was doing. He approached the pier a few times before achieving a large enough gust to propel him over the pier with what looks like plenty of room to spare.

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