Daredevils attempt crazy highlining stunt between air balloons

If you thought highlining across a canyon was daring, check this out: A group of French highlining enthusiasts known as the Skyliners took their aerial act to the sky recently in a new video from Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, "The Balloon Highline." (The movie is above, and you can skip to the 2-minute mark if you’re most interested in seeing the action.)

"We'd always thought of doing a highline between to hot air balloons because this would be the real aerial highline, the real skyline, with no link to the Earth or the ground," explains Skyliner's Tancrede "The Flying Frenchie" Melet, saying that his team didn't know if the stunt would be technically possible, since each air balloon basket weighs slightly more than 1,000 pounds and you need approximately 400 pounds of tension on the 50-foot highline to cross it. In addition, the balloons were touching, which they worried might flatten them too much. "We were also afraid of the pendulum effect of the balloons," Melet tells GrindTV.

Although the attempt failed, the video they produced was still adrenaline-inducing, especially when the daredevils who attempted the highline plummet to the ground with their parachutes on.

The team was only able to take one flight because of bad weather conditions, but they're hopeful they'll be able to pull off the sky walk in the right conditions. "After this try, we think that it's doable," Melet says. "We're waiting for a weather window to do it again."

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