Wakeboarding behind a track hoe is Devin Super Tramp’s latest creation

Filmmaker Devin Graham is always on the hunt for the next big idea, something the world has never seen before. His latest creation is wakeboarding behind a track hoe. Yes, a powered machine designed for digging dirt, gravel, and sand was used to create "Track hoe boarding—Insane Epicness!" Graham obtained permits to do the creative shoot at Utah Lake in Provo, Utah. “Some people would say redneck, some people would say high class,” Graham said in describing wakeboarding behind a track hoe.

The various views of wakeboarders and people on towable tubes being whipped around in a circle by a track hoe were taken from personal watercraft, a helmet camera, and a camera on an octocopter. Check it out:

Graham, aka Devin Super Tramp, strives to find crazy, fun, and extreme things that haven't been seen before and then make a video about them. He has more than 1.5 million subscribers to his YouTube channel, so he's no fly-by-night moviemaker.

You might recall the video he shot of the world’s most insane rope swing. It really was insane.

You just never know what might be next with Devin Super Tramp.

Devin Super Tramp tubing from a back hoe

Devin Super Tramp tubing from a track hoe

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