Dog awarded medal for completing half-marathon on its own

A chocolate Labrador named Boogie in Indiana was awarded a medal on Tuesday for what it did over the weekend. It ran the YMCA Evansville Half-Marathon on its own without any human assistance. Just as the race with 2,000 runners and walkers began at Reitz Hill, Boogie, who had escaped from its owner the night before (for the fourth time), started running the 13.1-mile race with all the others. NBC WFIE 14 has the humorous story:

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"The dog managed to complete the entire course without assistance," the Evansville Police Department said on its Facebook page. "After crossing the finish line, he was picked up by animal control and taken to their shelter for some much-needed rest.

"Because he did not officially enter the race, we do not have his race times. However, we are confident he set a new course record for an unassisted dog."

According to the Associated Press, Boogie finished the course in 2 hours, 15 minutes and beat the times of 1,128 race participants.

The dog's owner, Jerry Butts, was finally reunited with his dog when he went to animal control looking for his 8-year-old, 100-pound Lab.

"I could hear him barking soon as I got out of the car," Butts told AP. "Right then [a woman at animal control] said, 'Your dog is an Internet celebrity.'"

And it was a tired Internet celebrity. Butts said on Facebook that when he got Boogie home, the dog went straight to bed.

"I'm sure he enjoyed all of the company," he added. "Sorry about the late registration!"

boogie    evansville police dept. photo

Photo of Boogie courtesy of the Evansville Police Department Facebook page.