Driver’s harrowing break failure captured on video

One of the most harrowing situations for a truck driver is when the breaks fail on a downhill stretch of roadway.

Likewise, it’s no picnic for drivers who happen to be stuck in traffic in front of a break-less vehicle that is suddenly out of control.

The accompanying footage was captured via dash cam in Russia. We’ve shortened the clip to bring viewers closer to the moment of panic (watch the full version here).

Watch as the driver runs out of free roadway and finally collides with a large black vehicle in a crash that involves at least three other vehicles. It was not a high-speed crash, fortunately, and it doesn’t appear as though it caused any serious injuries.

As the website Jalopnik points out, “The real tragedy in this dash-cam clip is that the truck escape road is just out of reach for the trucker in question.”

That’s in reference to the dirt road, which looks like a runaway escape ramp, just ahead of the wreckage.