Dead zone? Use a drone for cell service

Between Amazon’s proposed shipping future and the rise of remote-controlled action sports cinematography, 2014 has undoubtedly been the year of the drone.

But one faceless guy from the Internet found an absurdly creative (and maybe a bit


Does this mean we have to pack a drone? Photo is a screen shot

ridiculous) use for the unmanned flying machines, one we bet even the manufacturers themselves hadn’t dreamed up. For anyone that has ever been in a steep mountain valley or heavily wooded forest, you know how easy it is to drop cell service, rendering your $600 device useless when you might need it most. By putting his cell phone in a sock and attaching it to a remote-controlled drone with a piece of wire, YouTube user Hytchme solves that problem in his new video, flying his phone above the trees to retrieve a signal and grab texts and emails.

This is by far one of the most creative life hacks we’ve seen in a while, but it brings up another question with a potentially scary answer: Does this mean we have to pack a drone on our next camping trip?

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