Eastern brown snake terrifies family for 4 days

Eastern brown snake is the second-deadliest snake in the world. Photo is from Wikipedia Commons

Eastern brown snake is the second-deadliest snake in the world. Photo is from Wikipedia Commons

An eastern brown snake, the second-most venomous snake in the world, terrorized a Brisbane, Australia, family for four days until the family cat found the elusive reptile in a toy oven and it was removed by an expert.

The deadly eastern brown snake essentially held a single mother and four children hostage in their house after professional snake catcher David Farrimond failed on two visits to locate the snake, despite tearing the place apart. 7 News reported the story on Thursday:

"I had been gone for about 20 minutes when I got a call from my neighbor saying your kids are in my house because there is a snake in yours," Christy Thomas told the Herald Sun about the discovery on Friday, August 29.

Farrimond of Snake Removal Services spent 2 1/2 hours trying to locate the eastern brown snake but couldn't find it. He left, but came back later with a compression bandage and taught the family first aid, just in case.

Eastern brown snake

The eastern brown snake trying to strike through the oven; photo is a screen grab

"We all slept in my room that night," Thomas told the Sun.

"I stayed up until 4 a.m. Saturday night just watching the tiles. I was petrified. Despite working at Australia Zoo I am terrified of snakes."

The next day, the two youngest children spotted the snake in the track of a sliding door, and Farrimond was called back. Again, he couldn't find the reptile.

"We assumed it had gone outside and we were able to relax a little," Thomas told the Sun.

But the following day, Max, the family cat, was jumping around the children's toy kitchen where Thomas discovered the snake. Using a crutch, she pinned the door shut and called Farrimond again.

"I was trying to keep my youngest and the cat away while pinning the oven shut," Thomas told the Sun. "Every time I moved I saw the snake strike through the clear oven door."

cat finds snake  7 news photo grab

Max, the family cat, found the eastern brown snake hiding in the toy oven and began jumping jump and down. Photo is a screen grab of 7 News’ video report

When Farrimond opened the oven door, the snake flung itself at him, enabling him to safely make the capture.

"It was a very aggressive snake, very hard to catch," he told 7 News. "That's why I wear them a bit loose so they can get a mouth full of the glove instead of you."

Farrimond told 7 News that the eastern brown snake kills more people in Australia than just about all other species combined.

"From birth these snakes can kill you," he told the Herald Sun.

Farrimond transported the eastern brown snake to an area away from homes and released it. Hopefully it was far, far, far away from homes.

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