Elderly man takes dangerous risk trying to shoo bull away from car; video

Apparently unaware of the damage a bull can do to a human, an 81-year-old man entered a farm paddock in New Zealand where a bull was messing with a car and foolishly attempted to shoo it away.

The vehicle belongs to Whetu Konia, who had driven from Auckland to Tikitiki with his two sons and was visiting a cemetery next to the farm with his father, Mac. Konia told One News Now that the bull had followed them.

At first they observed the bull from behind a fence to the cemetery.

But when the bull began sniffing around the wheels and head-butting the back of the car, Mac decided to scare it away. So he climbed back over the fence.

"No, no, dad, get back in here," Konia said in the video. "Oh my God, here we go. It's this guy's birthday today and he's not going to make 82."

Mac picked up a large water bottle and threw it at the bull, which backed up and danced forward in a playful manner like a dog. Mac retrieved the water bottle and again tossed it toward the bull.

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Konia repeatedly told his father to get out of the paddock, but he didn't listen.

"It's going to kill him," Konia said in the video.

"Dad, it's mad, get out."

When the bull approached Mac again, Konia advised him to get into the car. He opened the door but didn't get in. Instead, he approached the bull and threw his hat at it.

"Oh my God this is ruining my day," Konia said.

Eventually, Mac retreated to behind the fence and the bull wandered off.

According to One News Now, the farmer later told Konia that "Rex" was "just playing … having a laugh at your expense."

"81-year-old man vs. Rex the Bull," Konia wrote on Facebook. "Sort of funny after the fact."

h/t Daily Mail

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