Elk trapped in trampoline finds escape difficult


Photo of elk in trampoline is a screen grab from video

A couple was just sitting down for morning coffee when they looked out the window and saw a young elk poke its head into the opening of the trampoline netting and jump in. "Just when you thought you had seen it all … and we see a lot of crazy elk behavior here in Evergreen, Colorado … but this takes the cake for sure!" wrote Greg Chase on his YouTube post.

The elk bounced around quite a bit and soon discovered getting out of the trampoline is much more difficult than getting in. Click on the video to watch the whole thing; we pick it up closer to the end, which shows how it ultimately finds its freedom:

Earlier on the video, you see the other young elk run around the outside of the trampoline as the one inside tries to find its way out.

The mother elk just stands there, presumably watching the entire episode in total disgust.

The woman in the video wonders if they should call the department of wildlife, but a neighbor assures her the elk would find its way out.

Finally, Chase decides to go help the elk by making the opening in the netting larger. He shoos away the other elk and, finally, the trapped elk finds its way out with a little coaxing from Chase.

"That was just too funny," Chase says on the video. "I don't know what it was thinking."

"I think he was having fun," a neighbor concludes.

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