Emu is an odd sight in Israeli traffic

Emu is an odd sight in Israeli traffic

An emu, native to Australia, was discovered running through traffic in Israel. Photo is a screen grab from the video

The sight of an emu running through traffic was rather bizarre to Iliya Zelser, especially considering emus are native to Australia and the road on which Zelser was traveling was located in Israel.

Zelser was driving in the town of Herzliya near Tel Aviv, listening to the '70s tune "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas, when he noticed the emu running alongside the cars. Obviously amused, he rolled down his window for better viewing as the emu raced by:

Zelser told the Associated Press that he felt he was part of a cartoon and expected to hear the "beep beep" of the Road Runner.

"I said to myself, ‘in a second, a coyote will appear from behind,'" Zelser, 27, told A.P. "This was a really absurd situation."

The emu, the world's second-largest bird to the ostrich and which is known to run up to 31 mph, had escaped from a private farm. Dorit Basman, a spokeswoman for Herzliya, told A.P. that the emu was caught Sunday and safely returned to its owner. The emu was not cited for running that red light. Or so we assume, anyway.

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