Fisherman surprised at animal creating huge wake on Upper Klamath Lake; video

Scott Ross was fishing for rainbow trout on the glassy waters of Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon on Saturday when he spotted in the distance an animal swimming toward him, creating a huge wake.

He told the Herald and News that at first he thought it could be an otter.

"What caught my attention was how big of a wake it was leaving and how fast it was moving," Ross told the newspaper.

Ross noticed Gerald Holt flying his drone nearby and asked him if he could capture aerial footage of the swimming animal, which was out quite a ways.

Holt obliged and sent his drone out over Upper Klamath Lake where he caught up with the animal and began filming.

"I was really conscious to stay away from it, not to harm whatever animal was in the water," Holt told the Herald and News.

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Soon, the animal came into focus. It wasn't an otter. It was a bear.

"I've seen a lot of stuff swimming out there," Ross said. "A bear wasn't going to be my first choice."

Holt estimated that the bear swam more than 2 miles and believes it entered the water on the lake's western shore at Eagle Ridge County Park or Howard Bay.

Ross watched as the bear climbed out of the lake and across Highway 140, leaving a huge wet patch on the road as it scampered into the woods.

"I doubt I'll ever see something like that again," Ross said. "I just can't believe what the odds were. I probably should go buy a lottery ticket."

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