Frogs are enthralled by video of nightcrawlers


Frogs enjoy watching video of nightcrawlers on a phone. Photo is a screen grab from the video

Joe Myers, known as Nature Joe, used his phone to videotape a couple of big, wiggly nightcrawlers and then set up the phone inside an enclosure he calls a Froggatorium that houses a large number of northern leopard frogs.

When he hit play, the wiggly nightcrawlers in the video instantly got the attention of the frogs with comical results.

He originally posted the video on Facebook, saying, "This is interesting! I think I found their favorite channel." Indeed he did:

As you can see, the frogs are enthralled by the video of their favorite meal.

Myers, a nature photographer located in St. Augustine, Florida, needed to put a piece of glass in front of the phone to prevent the frogs from changing the channel.

He eventually fed them real nightcrawlers.

"I have had most of these frogs since 2010, and they live in a large outdoor cage," Myers told Jukin Media. "In the summertime I pack them all up and take them to camp (in Pennsylvania) with me, and there they live in a similar cage where groups of people stop by the nature center and feed them big juicy nightcrawlers almost on a daily basis.

"At night there are lights in there with the frogs so that many different kinds of insects come to the lights, which gives them a rounded diet.

"All the frogs are quite tame."

And quite entertaining to watch when they're watching their favorite channel on a phone.

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