Great white snow shark has realistic look

snow shark

Stephen Garcia and his life-like snow shark; photo from MLive’s Facebook page

One positive to emerge from the incredible amount of snowfall in the Midwest this winter is that it brought Stephen Garcia of Grand Rapids Township, Michigan, out of his five-year snow-sculpting hibernation.

Using the abundance of snow on his front lawn, Garcia created a life-sized, realistic-looking great white shark swimming on a blue wave with huge mouth agape, sharp teeth exposed. He used a paint sprayer to make the shark look real.

Garcia began making colorful snow creatures on his lawn when he first moved to Michigan in 2003 but took five years off before his creative juices, coupled with a massive amount of snow, returned this winter.

"This year there was so much snow, it made it really easier," he told "I had decided I needed my youth back. I went out and played in the snow."

A news report from WZZM-TV in Grand Rapids and USA Today explains:

It took Garcia a month to create the snow shark. He told that he estimates he spent 50, maybe 100 hours on the shark with 30 of those hours spent shoveling. At first, the huge pile of snow looked like a hot dog until he used a pickaxe to shape the snow shark, which really came alive once he painted it.

In the past, he's sculpted dinosaurs, crocodiles, a fluorescent tiger, and a surfing rabbit.

"I had a strange creativity but never could figure out how to use it," he told WZZM. "When I moved here 12 years ago I started playing in the snow like a little kid and I figured out this is kind of artsy. People started stopping and looking."

Garcia said he gets joy out of seeing people laughing and liking his creations.

"I like to see people get excited by it," he told WZZM.

Asked where he gets his ideas, Garcia replied, "Well, this one looked like my girlfriend when she's yelling."

snow shark

Stephen Garcia touches up his snow shark; photo tweeted by Shark Attack News

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