Gripping video shows rescue ship battered by Storm Gertrude

A rescue boat endures the harsh conditions of Storm Gertrude, but it didn't seem to faze the crew.

A rescue boat endures the harsh conditions of Storm Gertrude, but it didn’t seem to faze the crew.

A rescue ship in the North Sea took a beating from Storm Gertrude with waves up to an estimated 100 feet and wind gusts so strong they blew away the wind gauge, according to Deadline News and the Daily Mail.

The Emergency Rescue and Response Vessel, paid for by the oil industry and on duty 24/7 to make rescues at offshore oil platforms, was 100 miles northeast of Lerwick in the Shetland Islands of Scotland when it encountered Storm Gertrude last month.

Surprisingly, the crew of 15 knew it was coming but didn't shy away from the wicked storm.

“We were, for the first time ever, given the chance to run for shelter but didn't take it since most of us have been in worse weather and for a longer time,” chief officer Graeme Hatley told Deadline News.

So they endured the extreme conditions. While doing so, Hatley shot video from the bridge, capturing this nauseating footage, saying “The hand-held camera [gives] the idea of the motion and the roll of the sea.” Indeed it does:

"We've seen much worse," Hatley told Deadline News. "We were expecting it to be like that so knew two days before. So it was 'quick to blow, quick to go' as we like to say.

“We were expecting the ferocity and the wave height, and had gusts of over 100 knots [115 mph] before we lost our anemometer.”

The vessel is 150-feet long and 1,100 tons, yet it was bobbing like a cork, dipping into deep troughs and being rocked side to side.

Hatley, 49, has worked on the ERRV for more than 25 years, so he's seen his share of harsh weather.

“A couple of years ago during something similar,” Hatley told Deadline News. “It was the biggest wave I had filmed, but lots of people were thinking it was CGI [computer-generated imagery]. Some people don't believe it.”

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