Hail nearly the size of baseballs hits Australia

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Hail “bombing” river; photo is a screen grab from Steve Ots’ video

In an incredible and shocking display of nature, the Sunshine Coast of Australia was bombarded by hailstones that were as big as cricket balls, which are slightly smaller than baseballs. Steve Ots called the hailstones "Apocalyptic sized." From the 12th floor of the Trafalgar Towers in Maroochydore, Ots captured amazing video of the "gigantic hail" hitting the river below. "Look, it's like bombing in the water," he says on the video. The hail splashing down in the river intensifies around the 30-second mark. Watch:

If you look closely, you can actually see the large hailstones floating in the water.

"I would not want to get hit with these," Ots says. "These are cricket ball size."

An Australian Ironman legend, Grant Kenny, did get hit by one. He was out paddling in a kayak when struck in the head.

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A child holds a pair of melting hailstones; photo is a screen grab from Sunshine Coast Daily video

"It drew blood and really hurt," Kenny told the Courier Mail. "I rolled my ski over and hid under it."

The Courier Mail shows a man holding the large hailstones, so you can imagine the damage the storm caused. Just at the Cotton Tree Holiday Park alone there were 200 cars left with dents and smashed windows, according to the newspaper.

"Giant hailstones were hitting the ground and then bouncing up and smashing into the side of cars, damaging panels, too," Bernie Duncan told the Courier Mail.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reported that the Saturday afternoon storm "carved a trail of destruction through the central parts of the Coast shortly after lunchtime, with Sippy Downs, Buderim, Mooloolaba, Alexandra Headland and the Maroochydore among the worst hit."

Once the deluge ended, Ots went outside and videotaped the hailstones on the grass. Some are huge, and you wish he’d have ventured out a little farther to pick up one of those:

"You see similar things on the news or YouTube, but never right in front of you," Trent Hammill told the Courier Mail. "Everyone was in shock after it."

And you can understand why.

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